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Newest Daily Devotions

Daily Devotion – Be Still and Know

When we cry out to God to intervene in a situation, He may not answer right away or in the way you expect. Instead, He will come alongside you and transform you from the inside out. He might say to you ‘my grace is sufficient for you’. He might say to you, ‘I know it’s hard, but just hang on to me a little tighter, and we’ll get through this together’. He might say to you, ‘this is how you will see my everlasting love for you – through these hard situations’.

Daily Devotion – Peter’s Hope

Peter had his ups and downs as a disciple of Christ. He’s known as the passionate, and sometimes presumptuous disciple. He was arrogant, bold, forward and didn’t always think before he acted.

Daily Devotion – Too Much Stuff

Americans are on the go. If we’re not going we feel unproductive. Sadly, we have associated activity with productivity. And unfortunately, in doing so, we get so caught up in stuff that we don’t pause and say thank you for this stuff.

Hey I’m Landen. I’m just your average software developer trying to navigate this life and live it to the fullest while honoring God by reading his word daily. I created Devotable and am trying to develop it into a brand that not only helps others stay active in God’s word daily, but also helps people share their faith as they live it out.

I’d love for you to join me and thousands of others as we read and actively participate in living out God’s word each and every day. Download the app, subscribe to the newsletter, read, comment and share as we all seek to honor Him each day.

– Landen

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