All In For Him: Twenty-One Devotions for College Athletes

The 25 Days of Christmas Family Devotional: Making Christmas More Meaningful

An advent devotional for families. Each of the 25 days of Christmas include a story, a devotion, an activity, and a song which draw everyone closer to Christ and the true meaning of Christmas.

Daily Devotion – Lights

Isn’t it wonderful to know that Jesus came into this world as the light that shines in the darkness? Because of Jesus, we can face any fear or problem we are facing.

Daily Devotion – Gifts

Why do we give gifts at Christmas? Have you ever really stopped and thought about it? As Christians, we show love to our family and friends by giving gifts.

Daily Devotion – Miracle

So often, I hear people say, “God doesn’t perform miracles. As you read the passage in John ask if you think that could happen today?

Daily Devotion – Angel

We may not see them and we should never believe in them more than we do God, but we can thank God He does use angels to minister to our needs daily.

Daily Devotion – Advent

This Christmas, in anticipation of the celebration of His birth, let’s focus on Him a little more throughout the month. Let’s prepare our hearts by reflecting on why He came to earth.