All In For Him: Twenty-One Devotions for College Athletes

Strength for Service: To God and Country

Strength for Service was originally published in 1942, and over 720,000 copies were distributed to U.S. service men and women. After the events of September 11, 2001 the General Commission on United Methodist Men partnered with Evan Hunsberger, who had a vision to republish the little devotional book as his Eagle Scout service project to honor his grandfather. Eugene Hunsberger, a Navy corpsman, read it to dying men on the battlefields of the Pacific during World War II. This updated version includes 40 additional entries, with over one million copies purchased by and distributed to deserving service members.

Daily Devotion – This Thing I Do

Perhaps life has lost its zest; and you, with your back to the wall are not even strong enough to fight. Across the centuries there comes not only the example of our Lord, but His challenge.

Daily Devotion – My Body A Living Sacrifice

Many of them became, in truth, living sacrifices, giving themselves in the Colosseum to the death, singing hymns of praise to God as they did so, and bringing the effective witness of fearlessness, forgiveness, and love.

Daily Devotion – Seeing Clearly

The world is in need today of persons who can see clearly. In the midst of strife we are prone to look at life from a narrow viewpoint and with dulled vision.

Daily Devotion – The Voice That Wins Over Fear

The routine of life in the service is not what you expected it to be—at least in its results. Hindrances, rather than helps to your faith, crush heart and mind. It is at the height of such storms that He comes.

Daily Devotion – Peace on the Inside

Yet I believe that Christ would have us enjoy peace in our hearts even though the outward conditions may be chaotic. Christ comes to bring quietness to the troubled soul.

Daily Devotion – The Cross

He deliberately chose the cross, the sacrificial way of life, at every turn in His career. The good was not good enough for Him. He chose only the best.

Daily Devotion – The Best Things

It always pays to give up the good things for the best. My mother was right—she knew what she was doing—when she inscribed the verse quoted above on the flyleaf of my first Bible.