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What is prayer? How are we supposed to pray? How often should we pray? How long are our prayers supposed to be?

These are questions everyone asks at one time or another. Prayer is how we communicate with our Father. It is our conversation with God Himself. Prayer is a vital piece to a meaningful and purpose-driven Christian life.

However, not everyone grows up knowing how to pray or has had good teaching on how to use the power of prayer in their everyday life. This devotional and prayer journal aims to do those two things; teach people how to pray and show them the power of prayer.

Our Desire

Our goal with this devotional is to help you understand what prayer is and to teach you the vital skills needed to have a meaningful prayer life. We also want to encourage you to write about your prayers, your day, your needs, and more. Journaling your prayer life is an important way to see how your prayers are answered and rejoice when that happens.

Use this devotional and journal to assist you in cultivating a life of perpetual prayer and journal your experiences as they happen. When you do, you’ll be able to look back and recognize all that God has and is doing for you each day.

How to Use this Journal

Each week starts with a devotional about prayer. Read the devotional and accompanying Scripture to learn and deepen your knowledge of what prayer is.

Each day of the week, there are questions relating to that week’s devotional. Some questions might ask you to reflect on your life and how you can improve an aspect of your prayer time. Some questions might lead you to learn how to become a more effective prayer warrior.

Whatever the case is, answer each question with the intent of learning and improving your prayer life.

Lastly, there are repetitive questions each day that everyone should be able to ask and answer relating to their prayers. Journal about prayer requests that are heavy on your soul, write and rejoice about requests that have been answered, and confess things you need to deal with.

As you continue with the journal, you’ll be able to look back at the previous pages and see how things you were once praying about have been fulfilled. You’ll get a better sense of how God is working through your life and how He is answering your prayers. Often we pray for something and forget about it several weeks down the road. Journaling these things helps us remember just how good God is to always answer our prayers.

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2 reviews for Prayer: Approaching the Throne of Grace eBook

  1. Rachel Jeffries (verified owner)

    Loved it!

  2. Hope Dixon (verified owner)

    Great devotional!

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