Equality: Created Equal in His Image

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How do we love people we don’t agree with? How do we care for and show respect to those who aren’t like us?

As we open our Bible and begin to read the very first chapter of Genesis, we discover all men and women are created equal in God’s image. We are endowed with the same rights, afforded the same dignity, and designed with the same virtues by an all-powerful Maker. This thread of equality runs throughout the entirety of God’s word and as Christians, we are continuously commanded to demonstrate those same values to others.

We need to equip ourselves with the knowledge of God’s word in order to combat the false teaching of racism, sexism, gender inequality, age discrimination, and other forms of bias that denies the rights God Himself has given to all humans.

This devotional and journal is designed to be a thought-provoking and challenging study into what God’s word has to say about such topics. It also challenges us, as a family, to have conversations about these subjects with our kids and talk about our responsibility as Christians relating to these topics.

In this devotional, let’s learn about how we, as believers, are commanded to live out these truths of equality and diversity.

Perfect for individual journaling or a group Bible study through prayer. It features:

  • 6×9 trim size with plenty of room to write
  • An open journaling page at the end of each work for your reflections
  • Guided questions each day helping you write about that week’s devotion topic
  • A beautiful layout growing with you as you journal through the week

Each week includes:

  • A devotion centering around the topic of equality and diversity
  • Guided journaling questions related to that week’s topic
  • Journaling question to help keep you writing about requests, praises, concerns, and answered prayers
  • Scripture to reference God’s word on the topic
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4 reviews for Equality: Created Equal in His Image

  1. Krista Wayner (verified owner)

    I am loving this devotional. We’re going through it as a family and my kids are really beginning to understand the importance of equally loving everyone. I love it!!!

  2. Helen (verified owner)

    I bought a couple to give to my kids so they can go through it with their family. This is such an important topic!

  3. Nicole Pain (verified owner)

    We’re going through this as a family. I love it. The devotions are right on track for teaching my kids about the importance of loving everyone. The questions for them are thought provoking but not too challenging. They love it. Thanks!

  4. Neil T. (verified owner)

    Great quality book and we love doing this at nights as a family. Great journal.

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