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I want to pray for you!

Power in Prayer

I want to pray for you!

As the church, it is our responsibility to lift each other up in prayer. I feel like we have a lack of commitment and community within the larger body of believers.

Sure we pray for people we know and people we love, but we have a tendency to stay within our little bubble in life and only pray for people around us.

I want to change that!

I would like to start connecting with people from all around the world and praying for their needs. I want to lift up brothers and sisters from around the globe and take their issues before the throne of grace.

I believe in the power of prayer and I know you do too.

If you have a prayer request, please leave below.

You have two options. You can send me a recorded prayer request and allow me to play the recording and pray for you out loud, on the podcasts we do weekly. This allows others to hear your concern and join in praying for your needs.

The second option is a prayer request submitted via email. This comes directly to me and I can then put them on my personal list or pray for you out loud on the podcast with your permission.

Submit Your Request

Voice Prayer Request

Submit your voice prayer request for it to be played on the podcast. People all over the world will be able to hear your request and pray for you as well.

Written Prayer Request

Submit your prayer request in written format. Allow us to pray for you either privately, or publically. You choose.

If privately, we will keep your request safe. We won’t mention it anywhere but will privately pray with you and for you.

If publically, we’ll share your request on our podcdast and encourage other people, all around the world, to lift your request up in prayer on our podcast or Youtube channel.

    Your privacy is important to us! We would never mention any private details you don't want us to. But by agreeing, you're allowing us to share your name and request on our podcast and/or Youtube channel so others can lift you up in prayer as well.
  • Send a Prayer Request Voice Message
  • Type out your prayer request or other messages.
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