Frequently Asked Questions

What is Devotable?

Devotable is a mobile and web application bringing everyone quality, Bible based Christian devotions each day. We offer daily devotions as well as longer series based devotions.

Who Are We?

Devotable is a collection of various authors, writers, pastors and bloggers providing great devotion content. Each Daily Devotable or Devotable Series has a different author that you can read about at the bottom of the devotion.

How Can I Contribute?

We’re always looking for great content creators to join our team. If you’re interested in writing, please check out our contribution page to see where you might fit in.

If you’re a developer or have other technical skills, we might be able to use your help. Give us a shout and let us know what you’re thinking.

I've Written a Devotion. Can I Partner with Devotable for Promotion?

Yes you can. We’re always looking to partner with quality content creators and authors. If you’ve already been published, you must own the copyright to the material or be able to provide a sample of material for us to republish. If you’re interested in partnering with us for promotion, please contact us to work out the details.

For all other unanswered questions, please contact us.

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Extinguishing the Spirit of Fear30 day devotional

If you keep looking, you’ll find an endless supply of reasons for your heart to be troubled. If you look to the Man Christians call Messiah, you’ll find an endless supply of reasons for your heart to have peace.

If fear and anxiety are things you struggle with, let’s walk this path together and find help in our NEW 30 Day Devotional.

✅ Perfect for family Bible study
✅ Devotional and Journal
✅ Complete with guided journal pages each day for kids and adults

Help your family grow spiritualty and stay in God’s Word today!

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