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Daily Devotion – Joshua 14:10-13 – Enduring Faithfulness

Daily Devotion – Joshua 14:10-13 – Enduring Faithfulness

Caleb is one of my favourite examples of faithfulness and perseverance. At eighty-five years old, he is still bursting with passion and energy, determined to claim his inheritance and receive all that God had promised him so many years earlier. Let’s be inspired as we consider his story.

Daily Devotion – If Knowledge is Power, Can Ignorance Be Bliss?

Daily Devotion – If Knowledge is Power, Can Ignorance Be Bliss?

Today, the expression knowledge is power is more often linked to the abundance of information available via the internet. But information doesn’t always produce knowledge. This should be somewhat self-evident with all the conflicting and confusing information available on the internet today.

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