Daily Devotions

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Today’s Devotion

Daily Devotion – Trading Your Anxiety for God’s Peace

Does anxiety creep up on you this time of year?

Like a sneaky Halloween spider, anxiety has a habit of silently creeping into my schedule come November.

Every season presents temptations for new anxieties. This season it’s true again for me.

Now I hand over my anxieties to God in prayer and Christian meditation.

Recent Devotions 

Daily Devotion – Psalm 148 – Praise The Lord!

Daily Devotion – Psalm 148 – Praise The Lord!

Creation reflects God’s glory. All the different elements have their parts to play in this symphony of praise, and we, too, are called to join the song and praise Him with our lives.

Daily Devotion – Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 – A Time For Everything

Daily Devotion – Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 – A Time For Everything

God acknowledges that we may experience seasons of great abundance or great loss. We can experience great joy or great pain. But the beautiful thing of all is this:

None of these seasons or experiences is wasted; God can use everything we experience and make it beautiful. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Popular Devotions

Daily Devotion – Luke 19:1-10 – Lessons from Zacchaeus

I love the story of Zacchaeus. I love the lessons in it. The truth that if you want God to change your life, He can, and will.

Daily Devotion – Ephesians 4 – Being Kind and Compassionate

I learned an important lesson from placing a piece of bread in a bag of brown sugar. It teaches us about being kind and compassionate toward others.

Daily Devotable – Fear and Generosity

I won’t need to talk about it or tell others how they ought to be generous. My life will demonstrate my trust in God and generosity will flow out of my trust and fear—my awe and respect—for God and His faithfulness and goodness to me.

Daily Devotion – Lights

Isn’t it wonderful to know that Jesus came into this world as the light that shines in the darkness? Because of Jesus, we can face any fear or problem we are facing.

Daily Devotion – The Promise of Rest

Today, give yourself permission to enter God’s rest. Find time for a sacred pause as you celebrate God’s presence. Give your worries and concerns over to him.

Daily Devotable – Confessions From The Waiting Room

Are you waiting for something terribly important? Is weariness and impatience describing your wait? Learn 16 lessons for waiting well.

Daily Devotion – When It’s Time

Do you ever just feel like it’s time? Like it’s now or never, do or die, no turning back? I like in the verse where it says God looked down on the people of Israel and knew it was time.

Daily Devotable – WANTED: YOU – Dead or Alive?

Jesus wants us to die to sin and live unto righteousness so we can live eternally in His presence.

Daily Devotion – Shield of Love

God loves us and everything He does is out of love. So when we don’t get what we want, it is just as much out of love as it is when we do receive it.

Daily Devotion – What Happens When God Closes a Door

Do you ever pray for God to close a door he doesn’t want you to walk through? Then God closes it, and you find yourself in utter shock. It leaves you at a crossroad – will I trust the Lord or will I attempt to pry open the door?