Daily Devotions

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Today’s Devotion

Daily Devotion – What the World Needs Now

The love we need is supernatural…It is torturous to our natural inclination, while at the same time being indispensable to our well-being.

Recent Devotions 

Daily Devotion – Your Harvest Fields of Ministry

Have you ever considered which people God wants you to reach? God sends each of us to particular groups of people for specific purposes. It’s helpful to consider exactly which “fields” are best for you, so you can focus your efforts of ministry and evangelism.

Daily Devotion – Proverbs 18:10 – The Need To Feel Safe

Do you have a need to feel safe in your life? Does fear prevent you from taking the steps of faith in your daily walk with Christ?

“ I just don’t feel safe. Being safe is so important to me; how can I trust a person that I do not feel safe with?”

She looked at me for a moment before answering. “That’s a lot to put on a person- feeling safe with them. It’s an impossible request to meet. Only God is your safety. No one on this earth can fulfill that. You may need to repent to God for this, for seeking safety in some other than Him.”

Daily Devotion – Psalm 139:13 – Knit Together

Still the very hands that held each of us as they formed and molded and knit us together are the same hands that stretched out on a cross to redeem us from our sin and from ourselves.

Popular Devotions

Daily Devotion – Romans 15 – How to Accept Others When Rejection is Felt Everywhere

Are you struggling to know where to stand as a Christian in a world where the battle lines have been drawn? It’s easy to choose sides or to come against those who are nothing like we are. So how would Jesus respond in our divisive culture? And who does He want us to accept?

Daily Devotion – Dead Prayer Life

A dead prayer life matters, because it’s a symptom of a relationship with God on life support. It’s not about quotas, counting minutes, or even strict routines… it’s about Him.

Daily Devotion – The Key to Productivity in God’s Economy

Where do you sit on the continuum of overwhelm? Do you, like me, wish there were more hours in the day? Are you frantic to accomplish all that is before you? Consider this rule of God’s Kingdom today: In order to bear fruit, you must abide in Him. To be productive, you must be still.

Daily Devotion – His Radiant Face

What’s your Patmos? What represents all the bad in your life? Like John, may we also look intently into Jesus’ glorious countenance, fall in full reliance and submission to Him and put our own problems in their proper place.

Daily Devotion – The Object of you Heart’s Love

Are you in love with Jesus?  Do you long to be near Him?  Does He set your soul on fire?  Do you do whatever you can do to be with Him?

Daily Devotion – Eyes of Faith

Often God asks us to look for the unseen in life, rather than fixing our eyes on tangible and earthly matters. Today, we’re discovering what it takes to see these unseen things with the eyes of faith.

Daily Devotion – Free Access

There are those today, who have the same elitist view of their own religious group, as did God’s ancient people. What does God have to say about this?

Daily Devotion – His Mercy Endures Forever

Try reading through Psalm 136 and think of how God made Himself known to you and blessed you throughout your life and be reminded that “His mercy endures forever.”

Daily Devotion – Matthew 16:16 – You Are The Christ

Peter’s role as spokesman was firmly established. He boldy proclaimed “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Who do YOU say He is?

Daily Devotable – More gods than Men

Athens was a city of idols. There were more gods there than men – it was said. It was not easy to confess Christ in Athens, amid such exhibitions of idolatry as were seen everywhere.