Daily Devotions

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Today’s Devotion

Daily Devotion – 1 Timothy 2:4 – The Attributes of God

When we want to get to know someone, we spend time with them. We cannot get to know God intimately without desiring and delighting in His presence.

Recent Devotions 

Daily Devotion – John 9:1-3 – God’s Work on Display in You

What would our lives be like if we looked at our tests, trials, the things we can’t control and any other circumstances as opportunities for God’s work to be displayed in us? Think of the most active issue in your life. Is it a financial burden, a family member with a terminal illness, a difficult co-worker? The next time you find yourself struggling to see the good in any of these things Use the passage from today’s devotion and think of it as an opportunity of a lifetime.

Popular Devotions

Daily Devotable -Live Like You Mean It

You are God’s priest: act as such. You are God’s king: reign over your lusts. You are God’s chosen: do not associate with Belial.

Daily Devotion – Galatians 6:9 – Let Us Not Become Weary In Doing Good

Galatians 6:9 says “Let us not become weary in doing good”. Are we all too quickly discouraged? I want to encourage you today, do not give up! Persevere!

Daily Devotion – God’s Glory

When I see God’s glory in nature, in the love of others, and in His Word, and when I stop long enough to reflect on it, my heart is full of thanks and praise.

Daily Devotion – Fight the Good Fight

We often find ourselves facing opportunities to argue with people or fight some kind of battle. When is it worth the fight?

Daily Devotion – 20 Items Or Less

All the baggage I’ve piled up, has already been paid for many many years ago. There’s no layaway except my own delay to accept Christ. There’s no 20 items (sins) or less salvation.

Daily Devotion – Who Will You Cling To

Who will you cling to? God has been faithful to you. Will you be faithful to him? Today, cling to the Lord. Don’t let even a hint of daylight—or idol–come between you and him.

Daily Devotion – Luke 14:23 – Eating From Trash Cans

To say God cannot bless us is to deny his power. To say that God has not blessed us or will not bless us is to contradict his word. When we live in guilt, ignorance and denial we are as foolish as the three sons. Read their story.

Daily Devotion – How to Find Holy Balance

We’re called to steward this balance. On our own, it can feel like juggling with fine china. But, in the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, it looks, feels, and sounds like a symphony.

Daily Devotion – My Hurricane Lessons

My Hurricane Harvey experience taught me a few lessons. While we may think we know a lot, God can still teach us lessons through his magnificent creation. When we teaches, we should listen.

Daily Devotion – Why I Stopped Asking God To “Bless” My Kids

My prayers were typical of so many from affluent nations. I really didn’t think that much about it. I mean I WAS praying so wasn’t that what I was supposed to do as a mom?