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Today’s Devotion

Daily Devotion – Psalm 100 – Praise Brings Infectious Joy

Do you want to be an atmosphere changer? Do you want to be known for having an infectious joy? Then let us be encouraged to lift our voices in praise to God today and receive fresh joy in His presence.

Recent Devotions 

Daily Devotion – Isaiah 65:18 – Time to Hope Again

Daily Devotion – Isaiah 65:18 – Time to Hope Again

How can we be sure it is time to hope again? What to do in the days and moments when we can’t take it anymore and hope dwindles? The prophet Isaiah gives us a roadmap for cultivating hope and joy.

Daily Devotion – If Knowledge is Power, Can Ignorance Be Bliss?

Daily Devotion – If Knowledge is Power, Can Ignorance Be Bliss?

Today, the expression knowledge is power is more often linked to the abundance of information available via the internet. But information doesn’t always produce knowledge. This should be somewhat self-evident with all the conflicting and confusing information available on the internet today.

Popular Devotions

Daily Devotion – What Are You Looking At?

As we pray for our friends and family, listen to the events of strangers in passing, and mediate, we have to ensure our vision is on point.

Daily Devotion – Proverbs 24:3-4 – Wisdom of God

Who is the Builder of your house? Are you relying on your own wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to build it? Or are you relying on God to be your Master Craftsman?

Daily Devotion – Jesus With You Through The Seasons

In the midst of the stormy seasons of life, the Holy Spirit leverages those seasons to make, mold, shape, and grow us closer to Jesus, and to mature more into His likeness.

Daily Devotion – 1 Corinthians 4:21 – How To Rebuke Someone Biblically

We have conjured up and currently live inside the notion that those who love don’t correct, because, in our minds, there is nothing about us that needs to be altered. “Love me as I am” is the cry of the culture. Well I, for one, would like to thank those who actually didn’t love me as I am.

Daily Devotion – When Life is a Little Too Busy

In truth, our time is not our own. Leaving margin in our day is a reminder to surrender our days to Him and allow Him to determine our steps. What happens when the unexpected presents itself in your day?

Daily Devotion – In Tune With God

When trials come our way, instead of fighting against them, we should have the attitude of Christ. We should accept the trials as having been tempered by God, and trust that He has them all under control.

Daily Devotion – My Hurricane Lessons

My Hurricane Harvey experience taught me a few lessons. While we may think we know a lot, God can still teach us lessons through his magnificent creation. When we teaches, we should listen.

Daily Devotion – What Does It Mean To Be A Child Of God?

What does it mean to be a child of God? There are certain requirements in order to become God’s children and we must realize this first to be saved.

Daily Devotion – Luke 23:42 – Remember Me When You Come Into Your Kingdom

Abundance can often be found where we​’d least expect.​  Just like the thief asked Jesus to “remember me when you come into your kingdom”, we can also ask Him to enable us find worth in discarded people and things.

Daily Devotion – Hebrews 12:1 – Run With Endurance

Today’s verse is one that encourages us to keep going and run this race with endurance. However, it doesn’t tell us to keep going all by ourselves.

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