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Daily Devotion – Rejoicing As The Gospel Goes Out

Can I rejoice in other people witnessing? If you have been wondering about rejoicing in evangelism Paul makes it clear that it is very much possible. The gospel going out causes rejoicing.

Recent Devotions 

Daily Devotion – How Do I Overcome My Unbelief?

Daily Devotion – How Do I Overcome My Unbelief?

Like the man in this Scripture, are you wrestling with the belief that all things are possible with Christ? None of us are perfect believers, but we can make progress. Today we look at some steps to answer the question, “How do I overcome my unbelief?”

Daily Devotion – James 4:6 – Identifying the Sin of Pride

Daily Devotion – James 4:6 – Identifying the Sin of Pride

The sin of pride is something that every human being struggles with. We’re born with a pride nature and we buck against anything or anyone who tries to correct that part of us. But the first step toward overcoming pride is identifying it in our lives.

Daily Devotion – Galatians 5:19-21 – Deeds of the Flesh

Daily Devotion – Galatians 5:19-21 – Deeds of the Flesh

Do you struggle with giving into the flesh? Do you wonder if this is even something that is really that important as a Believer? Today, we are reminded of our identities as children of God as we talk about the importance of not letting your flesh take control.

Daily Devotion – John 1:10-13 – The Ultimate Undercover Boss

Daily Devotion – John 1:10-13 – The Ultimate Undercover Boss

The rewards given by the undercover bosses we see on TV are paid for by the hard work of these CEO’s built up over a lifetime. The rewards given out by Jesus have been paid for by His own body and blood. Indeed, we ourselves are His reward!

Popular Devotions

Daily Devotion – Matthew 9:9 – What is Jesus Inviting You into?

After Jesus invites Matthew, Matthew does just that. He drops everything and literally walks away from everything he knows. What is Jesus inviting you into?

Daily Devotion – The World Needs Your Words

Perhaps like me, you’ve held your tongue when you felt that prompting to speak, afraid what you hope to say will come out flat or wrong. Or perhaps you believe you’re not qualified to teach His Word. I pray this Scripture releases you of that fear. I pray we put the pressure to change lives with our words back on the one who has the actual power to do it: the Holy Spirit.

Daily Devotion – Envy, the Ugly Sin

If you’re like me, you sometimes struggle with envy. It’s an ugly sin. Struggling with selfishness or fear sounds less offensive than being envious. Envy is a hard sin to admit out loud, but it’s a common sin for us Christians.

Daily Devotion – A Cure for the Heartsick

What causes someone to be sick at heart? According to this verse in Proverbs—a delayed hope. A hope that is set aside by circumstances beyond a person’s control. It’s more than unfilled expectations. It goes deeper.

Daily Devotion – Nothing Tops the Word of God

When I was a new believer in college, I learned that I couldn’t stack my Sunday school materials by size. Nothing could be set on top of the Bible, because the Bible was God’s Word, and nothing tops Word of God.

Daily Devotion – Puzzle Piece Faith

The best place to be in life is knowing that you need God. And knowing that He knows what the picture looks like.

Daily Devotion – The In Between

God never guaranteed your safety while you live in the in between. But He picked you and provides everything needed for your mission while journeying to the Promised Land.

Daily Devotion – Ephesians 5:19 – Drinking Deeply Of God

Only by drinking deeply of God’s Spirit will we ever quench our thirst. So, why is it that we don’t turn to Him first to quench our thirsty souls?

Daily Devotion – Learn How To Follow His Voice

God has not given us fear but of sound minds. Listening to the voice of God becomes easier as you read his word. You begin to fully trust his voice. We are his sheep and as you spend time with him you will become more aware of his still small voice.

Daily Devotion – Warriors of Victory

Yet, when we utterly rely on God, our chaotic choices change to carefully thought out acts of obedience. This is where we begin to live in victory!

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