Daily Devotions

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Today’s Devotion

Daily Devotion – Matthew 14 – Coping with Grief

How does God’s word guide us in coping with grief? Jesus teaches us a lesson or two on how to deal with loss when He learns of John the Baptist’s death.

Recent Devotions 

Daily Devotion – Hope – Hold On Pain Ends

It’s said we can live up to 40 days without food, as long as 10 days without water, even survive up to 4 minutes without oxygen. But we can’t live even 4 seconds without HOPE.

Daily Devotion – Soar on Wings Like Eagles

When we’re struggling and overwhelmed, it can be tempting to battle on in our own strength, but we have a far greater power at our disposal and we were made for more. What if, instead of trying to fix it all ourselves, we could turn to God for help and soar in His power?

Daily Devotion – Mark 8 – The Way of the Cross

Do we truly understand the way of the cross? Or have we, like His disciples, imposed our own understanding and desires on what Jesus is doing in our lives? Read this devotion to understand the path Jesus asks us to walk.

Popular Devotions

Daily Devotion – An Appetite For God

As we grow closer to the Lord, the more we desire to sit at his table of righteousness.  This is because nothing can quench our spirit like His life fulfilling presence.

Daily Devotion – Life Giving Legacy

Why would the bones of a dead man have any power? The only answer is because men who live life fully for the Lord can give off life-saving power even after they are dead.

Daily Devotion – Matthew 6:9-13 – Praying From The Heart

Believe me, I understand the struggles with praying. When I want a response from God and it doesn’t come, it causes me uncertainty. I become baffled over why He isn’t listening and question the meaning behind prayer.

Daily Devotion – Lessons From My Hard Head Week 38

One of our purposes on earth should be about helping others. Today, let us plan our lives to reflect the character of Christ.

Daily Devotion – Exodus 33:15 – If Your Presence Does Not Go With Us

God had already promised He would go with them, but Moses was saying, “More than the Promised Land, we want You, God!” The Promised Land meant nothing if God wasn’t going to go with them.

Daily Devotion – The Final Words Of Christ

The final words that we hear from our loved ones stay with us. The final words of Christ were what we call the Great Commission. How are we fulfilling this in our own lives?

Daily Devotion – You Can’t Be Independent In The Promised Land

An independent spirit is highly valued in our American society, but at what cost? Are we short changing ourselves by trying to do the impossible in our own strength?

Daily Devotion – Seeking Jesus

Ever feel as if you’re not good enough for Jesus? Or maybe you’re at the other end of the spectrum and want to be good enough for others, so you reject what Jesus represents. The good news is that Jesus doesn’t let any barrier stand in His way of reaching out to you!

Daily Devotion – Peter’s Hope

Peter had his ups and downs as a disciple of Christ. He’s known as the passionate, and sometimes presumptuous disciple. He was arrogant, bold, forward and didn’t always think before he acted.

Daily Devotion – James 1:13 – Entropy and the Human Heart

It was never God’s intention for His creation to naturally trend towards death and disorder. Throughout Scripture, we can see our God is a God of peace. He not only longs to bring us comfort and rest but to restore order to our souls, as well.