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Daily Devotion – Philippians 2:1-4 – Seeking Unity in the Church

Where is unity in a world of division? How can we have unity in the church and represent Jesus well in times of strife and division?

Recent Devotions 

Daily Devotion – Romans 3:23 – The Heavenly Truth of Finished

Daily Devotion – Romans 3:23 – The Heavenly Truth of Finished

Recently, I wrote and published my first Christian children’s book, “Finished: A Fictional Story With Heavenly Truth”. The events portrayed in the book may never have actually happened. The story, however, is meant to get the reader and listener thinking about the real-life spiritual truths found in the book and in Scripture.

Daily Devotion – John 6:32-40 – The Bread of Life

Daily Devotion – John 6:32-40 – The Bread of Life

Jesus shares the Bread of Life does not mean that He is physically bread, but He is our Sustainer, and Giver of life. He is the Bread that is enough for all our spiritual needs. Through Christ, we will never go spiritually hungry, nor will we need to seek anything else besides the One who gives life because He is truly enough. Only through Salvation alone in Jesus Christ alone, is anyone satisfied forever.

Popular Devotions

Daily Devotion – Matthew 4 – Overcoming Temptation

Being tempted by sin or by our flesh is something that every person has to deal with. Even Jesus dealt with temptation. Read more to learn how to overcome temptation.

Daily Devotion – Romans 8:1 – No Condemnation in Christ

When you’re feeling guilty or unable to forgive yourself, remember that no condemnation comes from God. God convicts our hearts when we sin, but offers love, forgiveness and ways to change.

Daily Devotion – Hold Fast, A New Covenant

God made it possible to fulfill His covenant, not by the promises of men, not by the blood of animal sacrifices, but the blood and high priest ministry of Jesus.

Daily Devotion – Psalm 119:30-32 – Choose to be Faithful

Psalm 119:2-3 tells us how to find happiness through obedience. If you want to truly find happiness in this life, Psalm 119:2-3 has some advice to follow.

Daily Devotion – 1 Corinthians 6 – Struggling With Self-Worth

How much do you struggle with self-worth? It’s been a huge struggle of mine for most of my life. Yet these verses in God’s Word bring me loads of comfort, and I hope they will for you as well.

Daily Devotion – The Purpose And Value Of Proverbs

In Proverbs, righteousness and wisdom are more a matter of character and behavior than intelligence or status. Proverbs is a source of practical wisdom for every person who pursues it.

Daily Devotion – The Beauty of a Life With Boundaries

Many of us struggle with setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. We either let people trample our fences, or we erect stone walls where wooden fences would suffice.

Daily Devotion – Walking Partner

We make a choice to take the steps toward God that prove our desire is to be right by His side. That is the best choice we can make each day.

Daily Devotion – Proverbs 1:24 – Focus on God

With everything in this world trying to steal your attention and focus, it is imperative we discern what is valuable and needed to focus on God.

Daily Devotion – Trained for Battle

Just as a soldier trains for battle, when we pray, we train for spiritual warfare. When life gets heated, we then know where to turn for power and solutions. Do you know how to train for battle? God will teach you.

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