Read Matt. 14:22-33

August 12


Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.—Matt. 14:27

Popularity has its drawbacks, and our Lord found this out after He had fed the multitudes. Realizing it would take a master hand to restore order, Jesus sent His disciples away, telling them to take ship for the other side of Lake Galilee. They obeyed, but the trip was terrible. Fear gripped their hearts, and in that hour Christ came to them with relief.

It may be that you have obeyed the command of your Lord, and yet things have been going rather badly with you since you entered the service. You expected decency to be regarded with respect, but sneers and jeers are your portion. The routine of life in the service is not what you expected it to be—at least in its results. Hindrances, rather than helps to your faith, crush heart and mind. It is at the height of such storms that He comes.

Often we fail to realize His approach and are frightened even when relief is at hand. Some duties have fearful faces and scare us as did ghost stories when we were children. Yet at such times Christ draws near with His words of cheer. Or it may be that you have been challenged concerning your faith. You are afraid of the laughter which may be raised at your efforts to reply. Forget your fears. Obey His urge, and in such a time He will arrive with strengthening powers.

ALMIGHTY GOD, hear us this day as we draw near in spirit and in truth. Grant to us the assurance of pardon already prepared and incline us to accept it on Thy terms. May every hour be improved by loving service and every mile traveled witness loyalty to nation and God. Above all, speed the coming of a lasting peace. In Christ’s name. Amen.

Central Presbyterian Church, Austin, Minn.

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