Have you ever bought something and almost instantly regretted it because the item was not worth the price paid? It happened to me just recently, when I purchased a pricey kitchen appliance that should have made my life better, but ended up not even working.

When it comes to buying something, you expect the price you pay to follow the quality and performance that you get. But as with my appliance, this rule does not always apply. Sometimes the cost is simply way too high.

Such is true for the price of our souls. The world constantly plays tug-of-war with us, trying to pull us in a direction that will cost us more than we are willing to pay. If we are not careful, we will fall right into the trap set before us. The price is high, and what we get in return is simply not worth it.

What Then

Taking up our cross often means going against the cultural stream of our society. Cheating on your taxes, buying stolen goods or not giving your tithes to God may make you feel like you are saving a few dollars. But is your integrity not worth more than that?

Living in sexual purity is also another area many people struggle with. But is it a struggle for you? Or have you just given into sinful behaviors regularly? Extra-marital sex, homosexuality, pornography, etc., are just practices God is not cool with.

There are many more sins I could name, but you know about them already. I know it sounds legalistic, but it’s not. Your soul depends on it!

Take It Home

Action Plan Examine your heart and your life. Are you doing your best? If you know that major changes need to take place, get a trust worthy person on board with you. Confess your sins to them and let them hold you accountable for the changes you need to make. You can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results. Don’t let the devil tell you that the shame you feel is greater than your destiny. Defeat the shame and embrace freedom by obeying God. THAT is a price that is worth being paid.

Prayer My Lord and God, I need You. Even if my life looks and feels perfect, it can’t be. Not according to Your perfection anyway. Show me where I need to make changes and help me resist the schemes of the enemy. I want to serve You, Lord, with all that I am. If I am far away, draw me close to You. Amen.

Devotion Written By

<a href="https://devotableapp.com/author/carolinebellemare/" target="_self">Caroline Bellemare</a>

Caroline Bellemare

My passion is to share God’s message and love. Wife to JB, and mother to Imela Christy. I enjoy traveling, books, and a good soy latte.

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