Daily Devotion – The Object of you Heart’s Love

Only Jesus Is Worthy

“I am the rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley.” Song of Songs 2:1 NLT

One of the “Goldie oldie’s” of church hymnals is, The Lily of the Valley.  I also remember as a kid singing about the sweet Rose of Sharon.  Both songs speak of Christ, the Lord of life.  The songwriters express praise to our God for Jesus. Jesus is lifted up far above all else.  He is the exalted one, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  “He is the bright and morning star, the fairest of ten thousand to our souls.”  It is always good to focus our eyes on the Lord and appreciate who He is to our souls.

Just like this young woman was declaring that she was the object of her lover’s heart, Jesus is the object of our hearts of love.  She was zeroed in on her lover (Solomon).  All that she could think about was him.  She longed to be with him and throughout this book of love, we discover how beautiful love can really be.  So it should be with us with Jesus.

Are you in love with Jesus?  Do you long to be near Him?  Does He set your soul on fire?  Do you do whatever you can do to be with Him?  If you are like most, probably not.  Why?  What has happened to draw you away from the Lord?  What has taken away your desire to be near Him, to be bathed in His love?

Whatever it is, why not change what is and return to your first love?  Ask the Lord to give you a love bath.  Ask Him to wash away the grime and dirt so that you can feel fresh and pure once again.  Reset your priorities and make Jesus your life.  Reacquaint yourself with Him.  Look for Him in His Word and in your prayer closet.  Don’t make excuses; just do it.  You have the time for what really matters to you.  Only Jesus is worthy of being number one in your life.

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