Most of us have a fascination with sunrises and sunsets—in paintings, photos, and especially in person. Whether along the coast, the desert or plains, or high in the mountains, the beginning and end of a day is an opportunity to pause, watch, and take in the majesty of creation.

Dawn and dusk often provided kaleidoscopic displays of color that overshadowed whatever else occupies my mind—wherever I’ve lived.

Growing up near the beach on the west coast of California I watched the sun melt into the Pacific Ocean on many evenings. Once the bottom of the sun touched the horizon, it seemed to dissolve in the water like butter in a hot saucepan.

Walking on the beach on the east coast at first light, it seems to take much longer for the sun to rise out of the Atlantic Ocean. Once it pops above the horizon, its rise into the sky seems to accelerate.

This illustrates the way of wisdom. It may seem to be a long process for wisdom to be grasped and to take hold in our lives but its the path that shines with increasing brightness like the sun rising to its apex.

But when godly wisdom is ignored or shunned, the path of life darkens quickly just as the darkness of night follows the sunset.

I still enjoy watching a sunset, whether my day went well or it’s been a difficult day. Yet, seeing the first light of day and watching the light intensify spurs me on to pursue all that God has in store for me each day.


It may require much time and perseverance to gain godly wisdom but it’s far better to walk in the light than in darkness.

Prayer Focus—

Ask God to show you where you might get off track from the bright path of God’s wisdom and for His help to keep you from wandering off into the darkness.

Devotion Written By

<a href="" target="_self">Trip Kimball</a>

Trip Kimball

Teacher, writer, pastor, missionary, disciple-maker, mentor—I love Jesus, love my wife, children & grandkids & love the beach!

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