A lot of times I hear people say God isn’t real for some reasons that really just don’t make sense to me. But, I believe in God so supernaturally it’s not going to make sense to me.

Reason #1: He didn’t heal someone.

If God existed He would have healed someone that died that meant so much. As tough as this seems, what I hear is, God didn’t do what you wanted Him to do, therefore He isn’t real. People rarely do what we want them to do, but we don’t doubt their existence because of it.

Reason #2: People don’t act holy like the God they say they serve.

This reason is a people problem, not a God problem. As Christians, often times we don’t act like we should, and for that I’m sorry. If I didn’t act like a teacher, would that mean that I didn’t have a classroom?

Reason #3: You don’t see Him.

Well, I’ve never seen my great great great grandfather, but I’m pretty sure He existed. I’ve never seen air, but I’m pretty sure I breathe it in. I don’t see my parents everyday, but they do exist.

Reason #4: It’s too far-fetched.

With all due respect, isn’t it far-fetched to believe that everything happens on its own? Isn’t it hard to believe that every intricate detail in creation made itself?

The unbeliever really is upset that God isn’t like us. He refuses to believe in a being that he can’t see. He would rather believe in nothing. My question is, why would I serve a God that is like me? I’m flawed.

A God that does everything I want Him to do is not a god. He’s a genie.

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Chanel Moore

I'm Chanel. Currently I write blogs, devotions, motivational quotes and pictures, and books. All done to motivate, encourage, and relate to others. I love reading and writing!

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