As he left, however, he said, “I will come back later, God willing.” Then he set sail from Ephesus. Acts 18:21 NLT

I needed help. Quick too. I was a high school senior and had applied to just 2 colleges. One I was admitted to early, my top choice though hadn’t responded at all.

And my new guidance counselor had called me down to the office to encourage me to apply some additional, “safe” or easier schools. I remember thinking, she hadn’t taken an interest in my future the entire school year, now all of a sudden she was trying to steer me towards something else.

I looked at her and flatly said “No Thanks.”

She had no idea how I’d studied all the requirements, carefully written my essays, secured letters of recommendation, and put together a package for admission that was my best representation of me.

This was an adventure that stretched every party of me, and regardless, I was going to see it through.

So, I signed up to take the ACT again. Then a third time. It was the last thing in my control.

The afternoon I came home from the third ACT, I checked the mail. Inside was a letter that I took inside and began to read those key words, “Congratulations, you have been admitted…”.

No one was home. So God and I had a thorough convo that day! (Along with some praise of course.)

Don’t let anyone who ain’t ever set sail tell you not to rock the boat. Pull up anchor and press toward where you feel God calling you.

Be Blessed.

Devotion Written By

<a href="" target="_self">Quentin Love</a>

Quentin Love

Quentin G. Love is the son, grandson, and great-grandson of ministers. None of that makes him a minister, just a P-K from around the way. Here to serve Christ via my gifts.

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