Daily Devotion – Courage to Care, Contact, Confront

God's Courage In Me

For the Son of Man is come to seek and save that which was lost. Luke 19:10

In Luke 10 and Matthew 25, Jesus told his followers to be concerned with the physical and emotional needs of their neighbors. Then, in Luke 19:10 he stated that the main purpose for his incarnation was to meet the spiritual needs of the human race. In Matthew 28:19-20, he directed us to have the same priority – the spiritual needs of others.

Before we can successfully carry out this Great Commission we must have the

Courage to Care

We must allow the Holy Spirit to create within us a sincere attitude of concern. We must let the joys, sorrows, dreams and disappointments of others become important to us. Until we have a true, heart-felt caring attitude we will not be successful “Great Commission” Christians.

Courage to Contact

The boldness of the first century Christians caused them to go to public places and intentionally meet non-Christians so they could witness to them about Jesus. They were not content to form a holy huddle and hide their light inside the walls of a church building. We, too, must be willing to meet and interact with lost people so we can tell them the Good News.

Courage to Confront

In our live-and-let-live society, most of us avoid confrontations because they make us uncomfortable. The gospel of Jesus Christ is, by its very nature, confrontational. This is what Jesus taught in Matthew 10:34-37. Every person is either saved or lost, serving God or Satan, forgiven or condemned. The Great Commission will never be carried out until we accept this truth and confront the world with it.

We must allow the Holy Spirit to make us courageous enough to care, contact and confront.

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