What does it mean to be content? When I was young, as I thought about Solomon and ‘everything is meaningless’, I thought it was because he had an overabundance. He was a king! Everything was at his fingertips- every desire answered, all longings fulfilled, at least the physical ones. I never imagined that I would ever be in that place. A place where every desire, want, longing would be fulfilled. I am by no means to that point, but I believe our society is close enough to understand Solomon’s outcry. With information at our fingertips, entertainment at the push of a button, and 2-day shipping for everything imaginable, we have grown accustomed to the pursuit of satisfying all desires. With all of this available, shouldn’t we be able to find contentment?

The grass is always greener… I thought I understood that expression as well. I grasped the idea that others’ situations always appear better than your own. However, I didn’t realize it’s not just what others have or their situation. It’s also within myself. I think, “Once I get to this point, things will be better” or “once I have that, things will be so much easier”. Finding contentment, even without comparing to others can be elusive.

In my youth, I didn’t comprehend that the finish line keeps moving. As soon as you cross it, a new one appears. Not only in the physical but in the emotional and mental as well. This world does not bring true satisfaction. In the temporary, I can find happiness, but it is only that: temporary. Each goal reached births a new one. Everything is meaningless. I get it. This world, all my desires for success, financial security, the next bullet point on my to-do list, all meaningless.

In comparison to my Savior, to his sacrifice and desire for me to know Him, to his unending, unfailing love… everything else is meaningless. No amount of material things or experiences will bring me the peace or joy that I desire. It is only found in an intimate relationship with Him. Contentment comes from focusing on Jesus and the love He has for me.

With uncertainty looming ahead in the future, I am reminding myself that He is all that matters. My joy and peace are found in Him. My circumstances will change, most definitely, but everything I need is in Him. If the thought of losing (finances, family, health) terrifies me, maybe that means I am holding on too tightly. Losing what we love or think we need, tends to remind us how much we need Him.

Are you holding on too tightly to something other than Jesus? Are you focusing too much on a finish line or circumstances?

Lord, help me to find joy and contentment in You. Infiltrate my heart so that I realize all I need is You. The things of this earth will fade away, only You Lord, are eternal. May I grow in You, chase after only You, and rest in Your peace.

Devotion Written By

<a href="https://devotableapp.com/author/jodiarndt/" target="_self">Jodi Arndt</a>

Jodi Arndt

I am a writer, and a mama to three spirited boys who grow my faith and my heart daily.

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