Read Heb. 11

July 14


Fight the good fight of faith.—1 Tim. 6:12

We are talking all the time about good Christian values including faith, hope, and love. What, really, in this hard-bitten world do they get us? In what coin do they pay off? Do courage and good faith make a contribution to any cause?

The answer is that no cause can succeed without them. The answer is that there is no satisfaction afterward without them. Before, during, and afterward, these are the essentials. They nerve the arm for the undertaking; they strengthen the will during the fray; they give satisfaction at the conclusion of the battle.

We must believe in our way of life; we must have the courage to stand for it; the afterglow will recompense us.

What memories belong to those who have fought the good fight! We take these shining experiences and play them like records, and their music is glorious!

ALMIGHTY GOD, grant to us confidence in the power of spiritual values. Help us to feel at all times that Thy mercies endure forever and that Thou art forever turned towards us in love. May we accept not only Thee but Thy way of life. May we gird ourselves, arm, mind and spirit, for the conflict by putting on the whole armor of God.Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


City Temple, Baptist, Dallas,Tex.

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