Read Mark 15:3137

July 7


My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?—Mark 15:34

In this day when the right seems pressed back along so many lines of conquest, we are face to face with the noninterference of God—the perplexing problem of theism! The fact that a loving God will stand back in the shadows when He might help and deliver! The feeling that there are hours in our lives when God will not stand between our souls and pain, sorrow, catastrophe!

We know the answer although we cannot fully comprehend it. This separation, this noninterference of God at Calvary, is a part of the mystery of the Atonement. The bearing of our transgressions made this separation of His soul from God necessary. That was death. For the first time in all history Christ was alone! That spiritual death, separation from God, brought about Christ’s physical death—He died of a broken heart.

Because this happened, no believing soul in this universe need ever feel alone. He was separated that we might forever walk with God; He was forsaken that we might know God’s fellowship; God left Christ for an hour that He might stay with us forever! May there never be an hour in our lives when any doubt can cry to us in the shadows, “Where is thy God?”

FATHER IN HEAVEN, knowing the Cross as we do, make us sure that nothing can separate us from Thee. Teach us that Thou art in the shadows as well as in the sunlight, that there is a prize in pain. May we allow Thee with perfect trust, as the Maestro of life’s symphony, to play upon the lower strings of sorrow and trial, and, as the Great Artist, to splash some shadows upon the canvas of our lives, that Thou mayest increase the beauty withal. Help us to trust Thee,Thou great Artist of our souls.Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Hollywood First Presbyterian Church, Hollywood, Calif.

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