Devotable is a group project.
Devotable is a group of authors, writters and bloggers working together to spread the Word of God around the world. Each day, Devotable delivers gospel centered devotions to thousands of people around the world through email, social media, our website and our mobile app.

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Devotable is dedicated solely to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ around the world. We do this through free daily devotions, a mobile app, and bible based physical print devotionals. Shop our store to browse and purchase our online products.

Would you like to write for Devotable?

Devotable needs your writing! We love to have bloggers and authors write for us. We publish a new devotional each day so we have a lot of writing spots to fill.

Also, we have an author feature each month where we take a portion of their book and feature it in a Devotable Series.

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Benefits of Being a Devotable Author


Each one of your submissions will have a author bio section at the end. This contains back links to your personal website as well as social media sites and a little description about you or your ministry. Each submission has these backlinks so they will add up and help promote your cause.


Being a Contributing Writer will help build your writing platform and your link resume. It will also help to get your name “out there” and will drive traffic to your own website/blog.


You’ll be able to practice your craft and become a better author. Most of our authors have a devotion submitted once every couple months. That’s 6 times a year you’re practicing, writing, encouraging and helping others.



You’ll be honoring God by serving others. Thousands of people look for daily encouragement and inspiration from Devotable each day. You’ll have a major role in helping others by contributing and getting your message into the hands of others who need it.
Guidelines for Becoming a Devotable Author
  • You must be a Christian, not merely in “label” but in truth. If you’re not sure what it means to be a Christian, please contact us and we would love to share the gospel with you.
  • To be considered for contribution, you should be willing to provide at least one (1) guest devotion every 90 days. If you’re able to publish more than one (1) devotion every ninety days, it would certainly be more than welcome! We often times have spots to fill where others couldn’t meet the deadline.
  • Your devotion should be original to you (no plagiarism). In other words, you need to be the original author of what you plan to publish here.
  • Your devotion needs to be fresh, not something you have taken from others or reposted. The only exception to this is if you have a devotion you’ve obtained permission from us to repost on our site from your own site or project.
  • You agree to write about (a “teaser” post) your published devotion on your own blog, website, social media, or email list, and to include a backlink to the original devotion here at Devotable. This helps both our sites establish backlinks and rank higher in search engines for promotion. It’s a healthy way to promote our mutual content.
  • You may include active links in your author bio (which will appear at the end of all your posts) for your own blog, your “about me” page, your eBooks page, your author page, your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon pages, etc.
  • Your submitted devotion should be at least 400 words long and less than 2,500 words.
  • Your devotion must be about a relevant Christian topic and not too “preachy”; meaning we’re not here to get on a soap box about politics, gun control, murder, drugs etc.. Although sometimes those topics are addressed in a well written manner, you should choose your devotion topic carefully.
  • You must be willing to engage with the readers who post comments after your article.  Building and sustaining an active and productive online community is very important in order to be considered as a Devotable Author.
  • You must be willing to tweet about, Facebook, Pin, (etc.) and use the social sharers to get the word out about the other writer’s articles that are posted on the site, not just your own!
  • You should be willing to comment regularly on the other articles that are posted here.
  • You should be willing to socialize/communicate with the other contributing writers, and frequent their blogs, Facebook pages, etc., in order to foster and build community.
  • You must be willing to share the Gospel. In everything we do, our main goal is to show people who Jesus Christ is and how to accept him as their savior. You devotions must reflect this in word and principal.


Please sign up below and we’ll be in touch. Currently, we are not adding new authors to the active writers’ list, but we will add you and notify you if a spot opens up.

We want to work with all kinds of writers so please go ahead and sign up and if/when a spot opens up we’ll make sure to notify you and let you move forward with your application.

What Else?


We can’t possibly do this without the power of prayer. Please pray for our ministry, that God will bless it and that He will use the power of his Word to transform lives around the world.
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