Devotable is a group project.
Devotable is a group of authors, writters and bloggers working together to spread the Word of God around the world. Each day, Devotable delivers gospel centered writing to thousands of people around the world through email, social media, our publication and more.

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Benefits of Being a Devotable Author



Each one of your submissions will have a author bio section at the end. This contains back links to your personal website as well as social media sites and a little description about you or your ministry. Each submission has these backlinks so they will add up and help promote your cause.


Being a Contributing Writer will help build your writing platform and your link resume. It will also help to get your name “out there” and will drive traffic to your own website/blog.


You’ll be able to practice your craft and become a better author. Most of our authors have a devotion submitted once every couple months. That’s 6 times a year you’re practicing, writing, encouraging and helping others.



You’ll be honoring God by serving others. Thousands of people look for daily encouragement and inspiration from Devotable each day. You’ll have a major role in helping others by contributing and getting your message into the hands of others who need it.

Guidelines for Becoming a Devotable Author

We have made the transition to a Medium Publication. We’ve created a post about all the writing and style guidelines over there. Please read carefully all our guidelines and after careful consideration, sign up below. This will start the process to becoming a Devotable contributor.



    Unfortunately at this point we are no longer accepting new authors. We will occasionally open the membership back up but at this point, we have more than enough writers to contribute to the publication and are temporarily closing signups. We’re sorry about the inconvenience.

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