All In For Him: Twenty-One Devotions for College Athletes

Alive at 5: Victory In Retrospect

Alive at 5: Victory in Retrospect, The Complete Volume, which was originally split into two volumes in 2004, is an eclectic compilation of Old & New Testament daily devotional entries covering an entire year that highlight many facets of God’s grace. Within its pages, one may find entries varying in length, focused on the great news of Jesus Christ. By design, whether in the Old or New Testaments, the topics should only lead to one place–Jesus Christ.

“I have been immeasurably blessed from reading Alive at 5. The fresh insights to the Bible that the messages reveal have made it almost impossible to read only one commentary at any sitting. I also find myself reading from Scripture many of the passages referenced in the book, thereby amplifying the author’s messages even more. I truly wish everyone could get their hands on these books. Lives would be changed as mine has.” – Keith Bramble “

L. David Harris convincingly paints a glorious picture of God’s grace towards every one of us in these daily readings. Each entry is descriptively reverent, worshiping the Spirit with such eloquence that relates with a personal and profound intensity.” –The New York Christian Times

“A wonderful and brilliantly written exploration of God’s Scriptures. This author moved beyond the pages and into the hearts of the disciples to understand the only One who never sinned. The words in these books come to life as the author exposes the impetus for Christ’s walk to Calvary.” –Michell Baker

You too can be blessed by God while prayerfully enjoying this volume. Taking steps toward Christ is truly rewarding.

Daily Devotion – No Condemnation

The feelings of guilt, shame, and condemnation drive many to a state of depression and a sense of hopelessness. How can one overcome such despair and doubt?

Daily Devotion – Our Duty

When we love the Lord with everything that we are, we do not believe that we are deserving of anything from Him because of our hard work. It is a blessing to the faithful, just to be called by His name.

Daily Devotion – Do It Again Lord

Whenever you feel taken advantage of by the devil, recount the mighty works that the Lord has performed in the past. Remember His works of old and be encouraged.

Daily Devotion – Power of His Resurrection

It was the power of God, demonstrated in the resurrection of Christ that Paul experienced. The same power utilized to raise the adopted humanity of Jesus from the grave, quickened Paul, and raised him to a totally new standard of holy living.

Daily Devotion – In Tune With God

When trials come our way, instead of fighting against them, we should have the attitude of Christ. We should accept the trials as having been tempered by God, and trust that He has them all under control.

Daily Devotion – Shining Light

Our encounters with God will enable us to be an influence on the lives of others. Be a shining light in the midst of this dark world–Jesus was.