New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

The Adoption Devotion

Have you ever thought about adoption and how it so closely follows God’s redemptive plan? We’ve been redeemed and adopted into God’s family! He’s chosen us to be a part of his eternal family and there’s nothing we’ve done to deserve it.

In this short devotional, Landen and Greta talk about their adoption calling in hopes that it might encourage others on the same journey. Through all the waiting, changes, doubts and fears, they look to God for comfort and assurances that his plans are greater than theirs.

If you’re considering adoption, domestic or foreign, know someone going through the adoption process or are going through the process yourself, please share this devotion. Their hope is that people can become more aware of the need for adoption and the Christ centered calling for adoption within the Christian community.

Adoption Series: Day 1

The word adopt means to take by choice another’s child and bring it up as one’s own child. The act of adopting brings with it emotions of deep sorrow and loss but also of great joy and healing.

Adoption Series: Day 2

I knew I was called to adopt many years ago, long before I was married or even entertained the thought of being a mother. I have even referred to myself as the unlikely mother.

Adoption Series: Day 3

My God knows my child and knows us, and most of all knows the exact time our paths need to cross. Some days the wait seems just so very long and daunting, like standing at the end of a hallway that never seems to end.

Adoption Series: Day 4

I turned while in the midst of the fire so weak and needy, to realize my King was standing there ready to catch me so I wouldn’t fall into the flames. Lean in friends, weak and needy, He is there.

Adoption Series: Day 5

Remember how I said that I am self reliant to a fault? Well, it turns out that the Enemy loves that part of me. He loves to exploit it and to make me miserable.

Adoption Series: Day 6

I have changed so much over the years because I have let Him change me. If this situation had happened years ago, I would have fought Him and been hurt and angry. Now I know that it is best to step back and let Him work.

Adoption Series: Day 7

I want this child to know that they were wanted, loved, treasured in my heart for years, and that an Almighty God placed them in our family. I still have no idea why He chose me for this responsibility but I know that He has been working on me and growing me to be able to follow Him on this journey.

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