New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

21 day of Christmas Advent Reading and Devotional

Don’t go another Christmas tired, overwhelmed, and empty.

Do you have enough of the stress, dizziness, and financial discomfort that often accompany the holidays? If we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that it is quite hard to fulfill all our holiday duties. Moreover, our traditions have often lost their meaning. It seems like each year, Christmas leaves us emptier and more tired than anything. It shouldn’t be so.

We know the One who gives peace, and He is the one we are supposed to celebrate! Together, let’s navigate back to the basics, to the heart of the matter, Jesus!

In 21 Days of Christmas Advent Readings and Devotional, we learn to leave aside religion and traditions, and embrace the raw beauty of the simple, yet, most powerful birth in history, and how this brings us immense hope, joy, and peace.

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Daily Devotion – God’s Good Will

Daily Devotion – God’s Good Will

We only need to focus on the Lord and His will. He will show us the way. If you know you are walking in righteousness, simply trust that God is good, and will show you the way.

Daily Devotion – Promise of Grace

Daily Devotion – Promise of Grace

Christmas is good news. Every year, we celebrate that a savior, our savior has come, that we were given a hope like nothing in this world can give, not even religion.

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Extinguishing the Spirit of Fear30 day devotional

If you keep looking, you’ll find an endless supply of reasons for your heart to be troubled. If you look to the Man Christians call Messiah, you’ll find an endless supply of reasons for your heart to have peace.

If fear and anxiety are things you struggle with, let’s walk this path together and find help in our NEW 30 Day Devotional.

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